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Connecting People to Christ’s Love

Connecting People to Christ’s Love is what we continue to live out here at Mt. Zion and Barnitz. This means we want everyone to know that they are loved. There are people who love you. Even more importantly, there is a God who loves you. This means we want everyone to know that their lives matter. There is a God who knew you before you were even born.

You are loved.  You matter.

When you know the love of Jesus, we believe your life changes. Now, I am not suggesting it is like “win the lottery” changes, where now you get everything you want. Believe it or not, it is better than that.

What does it look like when we Connect People to Christ’s Love? People go from:

  1. Thinking they are not loved to being loved.

  2. Having no hope to being hopeful.

  3. Feeling helpless to helping others.

  4. Being unsure how they are going to make it through a day to having peace about tomorrow.

  5. Believing they are an accident to knowing they are here for a reason.

  6. Having no life purpose to living out the calling God has given them.

  7. Seeing what they have as being limited to being willing to give all they have.

  8. Asking “what’s in it for me?” to asking “how can I love?”

Here is where it gets fun. Can you imagine an entire community living this way? Can you imagine what that would be like? Where everyone is seeking to serve and everyone is seeking to love.

You may say that is impossible, or you may say that can never happen.

I say.  Why not?

Join us as we Connect People to Christ’s Love and gather in Community to Love Like Christ.

Blessings, Pastor Matt

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