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At Barnitz Church and Mt. Zion Crossroads Church we are dedicated in Connecting People to Christ's Love on a Sunday morning and throughout the week.

Our Locations / Worship Schedule


 Mt. Zion Crossroads Church

420 Park Drive, Carlisle PA 17015
8:45am (Traditional Worship)

10:45am* (Wings of Praise)
*fifth Sundays the 10:45am service is off unless otherwise noted

Barnitz Church

23 Church Lane, Carlisle PA 17015
10:30am (Traditional Worship)

Sunday Mornings

We begin our service by quieting our hearts and being present with the Lord during the prelude. We lift up our voices in singing a couple of hymns and a worship song. During our sharing of praises, we are reminded of where we saw God during the week and how He is at work in our lives.

We take time to pray for, and with, one another. God wants to hear what is on our hearts and minds. As we read from the Bible, with any good relationship, we take time to listen to God's Word. After listening to what God is saying through the scriptures, we dig deeper to translate what it means for our lives and where God is at work in each one of us.

Ways to Connect

There are lots of wonderful ways to connect within our church on a Sunday morning and during the week!

  • Musical/Interact with Others - play an instrument, join our *choir, or join our hospitality team.

  • Dig Deeper in the Word - join us for **Sunday School following worship for Children and Adults; also have Journey Groups and Bible Study Groups (spring & fall).

  • SWAP (Seniors With A Purpose) - join us the third Friday of each month at Barnitz Social Hall for lunch and a program.

  • Weekly Blog - sign up below with your email to receive encouraging blogs on Wednesdays.

*Choir - Barnitz Church Only

**Sunday School - Mt. Zion Crossroads Church Only

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