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When You Think of Your Church You Think…

Is your church’s identity unquestionably contagious? Does your mission roll off your tongue with clarity and heartfelt conviction? These are two questions found in the “Clarity Quiz” offered as part of Church Unique. Go ahead and take the quiz here for your church.

Honestly, at Barnitz and Mt. Zion, we do not have the clarity to answer all of these questions in a positive way. However, it is great to say that we are currently working through the Church Unique process seeking this clarity. We are seeking to have one definition of who we are as a church.

Knowing who you are as a church is huge.

Many churches say they have a volunteer problem. We just cannot get the volunteers we need. Your volunteer problem is likely a vision problem.

Bryan Rose in his blog,, writes about visiting a church when the temperature outside was -12 degrees Fahrenheit. No, that is not a typo. It was that cold, and even with it being that cold, there were people outside parking cars.  Bryan writes:

So I asked them how, and why, and what. How, today of all days, could they stand outside and wave? Why would they literally risk life and pinkie toe to make sure cars get parked? What could possibly motivate this level of servitude? They just smiled. And to a man said: “It’s my ministry. Parking cars is my calling around here.” These men reminded me… Most churches do not actually have a volunteer problem.They have a vision problem.

I am excited. I think it is a great time to be connected here at Barnitz and Mt. Zion. I would love to have the vision and clarity right now that we need to do even more for God’s Kingdom. I would love to be able to flick the switch and have it defined and everyone on board with it “yesterday.”  It takes time to honestly turn to God, seeking His direction.

It is wonderful to be able to say that we are taking the time, and we have already seen God working through this process!


Pastor Matt

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