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When in doubt, love as Jesus loves!

How many of these emotions have you experienced this past week? Grief? Sorrow? Anger? Frustration? Hate? Rage?

As Christians, we never condone hatred or violence. What happened to George Floyd and many others before is tragic and there indeed needs to be change. Even when many agree for change, it can be hard to clearly see what to do.

I was wrestling with that often this past week. What should I do? What can I do? Those questions often cause me to reach out and talk things through with people in my life, and yes, they have different life experiences than I do.

One thing I keep coming back to is how important the message to love as Jesus loves is! It is one thing that continues to make more and more sense. This is what it means when we say we want to Connect People to Christ’s Love.

We want people to know they are loved, they matter and that God is at work in their lives!

Over the last couple of months we have been working on putting together our second 21-day devotional God, Help Me Focus. I was reluctant to share it with you now, considering everything that is taking place in our country. However, the message we are trying to communicate in it is so important:

When people know they are loved, they find it easier to love others. When people know their lives matter, they find it easier to live lives focused on others. It all comes together when you see God at work through your own life. Being able to see God at work in your life, can change you and the community, in powerful and loving ways. Over the next 21 days, my prayer is for these devotions to help you better live into this reality.

We are called to love as Jesus loves. As we do this, we continue to change and the world around us will change too!


Pastor Matt

PS - The Kindle version of our first devotional, What Can Be? is available for free starting today through Sunday, June 7th! Both the Kindle and paperback versions of our new devotional, God, Help Me Focus are available for purchase here:

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