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What if your brother (or sister) was God?

We started a brand new sermon series last Sunday, and I am excited to share it with you!

We are working our way through James. It is a letter written by, you guessed it, James, who happens to be the brother of Jesus.

Now that would be a rather cool sibling to have!

To borrow a line from Andy Stanley, what would your brother or sister have to do for you to refer to them as God?

Well, James saw his brother die, buried in a tomb and rose again from the dead. This is likely a very powerful reason why he starts the letter off this way:

From James, a slave of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. (James 1:1)

James’ life was changed because of an actual event that took place in his life, in history. All of us have to wrestle with this. Jesus lived. Jesus died. Jesus rose from the grave, defeating death.  

Jesus can change your life too.

Join us this Sunday as we continue to learn from James, the brother of Jesus.

Blessings, Pastor Matt

(All scripture cited above from Common English Bible Copyright © 2011)

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