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What Can Be?

Do you know that you matter to God? Do you know that you are no accident? You are here because God loves you. God loves you and wants His love to flow through you, loving the people around you.

What Can Be? is a short 21-day devotional book that was put together from various blog posts we have posted over the last couple of years on our website.  The hope is that it can help provide encouragement for you that God is indeed at work in your life.

The cool part is that it seems to be doing just that.  I’m hearing how people are reading through it one day at a time.  I’m hearing how one person reads through it for 21 days, and then she starts to read it again.  OK, yes, she is my mom!

Last week someone asked me where he could get a copy of it.  He gave his book to someone else, seeking to help encourage them.  I’ll tell you what I told him. You can purchase it on, or you can go directly by clicking the image above. Any profits are being directed back to Mt. Zion and Barnitz churches.  

I love hearing stories how people are reading the book and being blessed and encouraged by it.  I pray that you too will be encouraged by it. If you purchase a copy from Amazon, please consider writing a review to share how it has made an impact in your life.  The more reviews it receives, the more likely it will come up as people search for books.


Pastor Matt

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