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Time and Energy –Making Disciples: God’s People at Work

The Storyteller Tells a Story of Faith…

Where do you prefer to spend your time and energy? Are you a doer, a planner, a thinker, a dreamer? There are many opportunities to use these and other gifts to get involved in something, especially in small churches like Barnitz and Mt. Zion. At times, it seems as though there is too much to do. We spend a lot of time and energy on projects and events to “get our message out” into the community, but the question is, do we see the fruits of our labors?

Fruit can be evidenced in many ways, and touching the lives of those who come to the basement sale is an example. According to Rosalie McKeehan (Mt. Zion), the basement sale began as “a way to get rid of things people no longer needed and make some money for the church”. However, the workers quickly realized it was “enjoyable to see people come in, fill up their bags, and leave happy”. It has been said that people in the community wait for the sale to help clothe their families. The basement sale “brings people back (to the church) every year”, adds Rosalie. Anything that is left over after the sale goes to Goodwill or a similar organization, so the donations keep on helping people even if they aren’t sold. What an opportunity to minister to those who need help! This event takes a lot of time and energy to make food to sell and to sort through the donated clothing and other items. The work isn’t finished overnight, but rather takes days collecting, sorting, cleaning if necessary, and displaying all the items. Whether we provide food for the hungry, clothes for the needy, or enrichment for our spiritual health, the time and energy that is expended is building God’s kingdom. We have many opportunities to serve including the basement sale, the turkey supper, the sportsman’s banquet, Mission Central, the Salvation Army, just to name a few, but wherever we serve, we are sharing God’s love with those around us. We are living the life of a missional church by serving those in need.

We are on a journey together – a journey that has been commissioned by Jesus himself. He instructed us in Matthew 28:19a to “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”. As we travel this journey, we will have many decisions to make about spending our time and energy on various projects and activities. Ultimately, this is a personal journey – a journey with God and you. Each of us must choose where to spend our time and energy; where to use our gifts. Each event, project or special service serves its purpose in building God’s Kingdom, and God makes room for all of our talents.

Jesus’ journey did not take place in a beautiful temple or comfortable church but primarily in the countrysides teaching His followers while they sat on the grass or sand. He fed the poor although He was poor. He took care of the needy although He was homeless. He healed the sick without medicine. He wants us to use whatever means possible, as well, to reach people with His message of love, forgiveness and grace. Whether the means is the basement sale, or any of the multitude of things we as a church family do to reach people, the important thing is we are sharing God’s love with those around us. Our sincere hope and prayer is that we are making disciples along the way.

What feeds your soul and builds God’s Kingdom? God wants us to use the ladle, not just stand on the sidelines watching from afar. Volunteers are needed!

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