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There are many more stories of church leaders burning out than I wish there were. Burning out is not something only associated with church leaders. However, as a church leader myself, I am more aware of our struggles.

Carey Nieuwhof has a great podcast found at He has a number of episodes where he has leaders discussing how they burned out. One such episode is episode number two of his podcast (CNLP002) where he talks with Perry Noble, Lead Pastor of New Spring Church.

Perry Noble says that if you are a leader in the church then you need to be in therapy. He says this because it is such a stressful job.

Out of Perry’s struggles came a sermon series and then a book called Overwhelmed. This is for anyone struggling. Here are the sermon titles in the series:

If It Ain’t Good, God Ain’t DoneSpanx, Sickness and SuicideWhen Strong Mamas Feel Quite Weak3 Areas All of Us Struggle to Trust God WithWhat Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Not sure if you are burning out or heading in that direction? Check out Carey’s post “9 Signs You’re Burning Out in Leadership”. The numbers are high, in church leadership and out, but it is important to know that it is OK to talk about it and that you are more normal than you think.


Pastor Matt

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