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Loving Your Community

Have you experienced a vacation that was so amazing you came back and told everyone about it? You describe in detail all of the beautiful sites you saw. You tell them, “You really need to see it for yourself!”

Our focus here at Barnitz and Mt. Zion is Connecting People to Christ’s Love. I’ll be honest. It can be difficult to describe exactly what that looks like. It’s hard at times to know how to tell you, “Come and see!” See what? We’ve been trying to clarify it with three questions: Do you know you are loved? Do you know you matter? Do you see God at work in your life?

How do we give a picture of where we think we will be in five years?

I believe I got a glimpse of this yesterday. I had the privilege of attending the funeral of John Miller Scarborough. His friends and family stood and spoke of his character. They shared how this farm boy grew up and became a country lawyer. They shared how he was more concerned about helping people then making money. He often charged less than he could have if he charged at all. He enjoyed the arts in the community, attending many concerts. He fought to keep the music department in the local school. He helped his son work the fields. He watched his grandkids. He talked politics and supported anyone one and any cause he thought would help the community. It was clear there was much love for Mr. Scarborough. It was clear he loved much too.

Here is what I came away thinking. This is what it looks like when someone loves their community.

The pastor shared how Mr. Scarborough wouldn’t be too pleased to hear so much praise about his life. Why? Because Mr. Scarborough would likely say that the way he lived wasn’t anything special. It’s just the way things “should be.”

I think Mr. Scarborough would be right.

We often lift up a life lived like Mr. Scarborough’s as the exception. Why is that? Why can’t it be the norm to have everyone loving their community this way? Why can’t we have everyone seeking to love their families this way? Love their neighbors this way? Love the children in the community this way? Always looking out for others? Always learning for the purpose of making their community a better place?

I think this is a glimpse of what I hope to see in the next five years. Where this way of living, or should I say loving, is more and more the norm and not the exception.


Pastor Matt

P.S. Speaking of community, please consider joining us on Sunday, Nov. 24th at 5:30pm for the Community Thanksgiving Service. The service will be held at Idaville United Brethren Church located at 3590 Carlisle Road, #9672, Gardners PA.

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