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Loving the New Year!

Christmas is the time where we celebrate the coming of Jesus. Jesus, the Son of God, comes into this world as a baby, born to Mary and Joseph. Whether you are a Christian or not the history of this event has changed the world.

Why did Jesus come?

If you grew up in or around the church, you can likely piece together an answer. In the beginning, God created everything. This included Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, they chose not to trust God. We call this sin. With sin, comes death and separation from God.

Jesus would eventually find himself being arrested and hung on a cross to die. He was buried in a tomb, but He did not stay dead. He arose from the grave.

Jesus defeated sin and death, so that anyone who believes in Him will have life.

We more commonly refer to all of this as “the Gospel.”

More commonly the image is painted of Heaven or Hell. Believe in Jesus you go to Heaven. If you don’t, you go to Hell.

So Jesus came so that when I die I get to go to Heaven?

Many would say yes to that question. Are they wrong? No, and yet, there is so much more than saying this is why Jesus came.

What if I told you:

  • Jesus matters today in your life

  • The way Jesus loved the world is the way we are to love it

  • As we love the world this way, it not only changes us, but the world around us

  • His love is so desperately needed in our homes and workplaces

Our goal here, and increasingly in 2020 with weekly posts, is to help show how and where the Gospel meets our day in and day out living. If you are thinking, “Great, someone else coming in to tell me how I’m not measuring up.” I think you will be surprised.

Jesus knows you better than you know yourself, and He already loves you more than you know. You matter much more to Him than you likely believe too.


Pastor Matt

PS - If you found this post to be helpful, consider forwarding it on to someone you feel might appreciate it too.

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