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It's Good to Notice Sin

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

This past Sunday during our morning gathering, I said, “It’s good to notice sin in your life.” Now, I also clarified that I was not saying, “It’s good to sin.”

Many people wrestle with the belief that they need to earn God’s approval. They believe the more they do that is good, the more God will love them. Any of us can wrestle with these feelings, and when we do, it becomes hard for us to notice sin, or even want to try and notice sin in our lives. This is because every time we see sin in our life, we take that to mean God must not love me as much as He did.

God’s love doesn’t work that way. He loved you while you were a sinner, even His enemy. Jesus died on the cross for you, showing His love for you and forgave you, while you were a sinner.

You cannot earn Gods’ love.

The law reveals to us our sin and our need for a savior. It is in Jesus’ work, all of His work, that saves us. Through His life, death and resurrection we are made new. We do not have to be afraid to notice sin because it no longer defines who we are. God does not look down on you and says, “There is the sinner.” No, God looks at you, in Christ, and says, “There is my child.”

I believe it is worse to never notice sin in our lives. Why do I say that?

It may mean you have never asked Jesus to forgive you, to make you new. Now, it may also mean that you have stopped listening for God’s voice. You may not notice sin in your life now because you have focused so much on what you want in your life.

Neither of those reasons are too positive. That’s why I say it is good to notice sin in our lives. It is even better when we notice sin and are bothered by it. When sin bothers you, and you feel convicted, it is because it is no longer who you are. Remember, in Christ, you are made new!

There is so much more we could talk about here, and we will come back to this again. Today though, please hear this reminder. It is good to notice sin. It is even better when you notice sin in your life and you are bothered by it.

Resist the urge to get upset with yourself, but instead, thank God that is no longer who you are!


Pastor Matt

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