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God Often Works a Little by Little

Sorry, there has not been much new content here recently.  It has been a busy couple of weeks, or at least some weeks here that have been outside of my “normal” routine.  We will definitely get back to new content by July.  With that said, I see a valuable use of these posts to point you to other worthwhile information as well.

Here is some really good content that will take you some time to get through if you listen to every sermon in this series.  North Coast Church in California is doing a series going through the book of Exodus (yes, the entire book of Exodus).  Here is a link that takes you to all of the sermons in this series.  Make sure you go down the list and click on Episode 26 – “Only the People of God Get the Promises of God.”

Listen in Episode 26 how Chris Brown speaks about God working a “little by little.”  We think we would love for him to work “much by much”, but we are usually not prepared for that to happen.  God works in our lives at the speed that is best for us.


Pastor Matt

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