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Do you want your church to grow?

Do you want your church to grow?

The answer here seems obvious. You respond back with a very loud, yes! Yes, I want my church to grow (Check out this earlier post on, Memories of Church). Jesus says to go and make disciples.  It seems to make sense that if you are making disciples, then yes, you will grow. Again, back to, yes, I want my church to grow!

It is great when it starts. You have people, new people coming. However, the questions can quickly turn to these.

How many people are too many people? What happens if we keep on growing? What will my church look like if we keep on growing?

Following Jesus changes you, and yes, it may change your church. This is why many churches struggle to grow, to make disciples.

Carey Nieuwhof asks:

So why is it that most churches never break the 200 attendance mark?It’s not: Desire. Most leaders I know want their church to reach more people.A lack of prayer. Many small church leaders are incredibly faithful in prayer.Love. Some of the people in smaller churches love people as authentically as anyone I know.Facility. Growth can start in the most unlikely places. Let’s just assume you have a solid mission, theology and heart to reach people. You know why most churches still don’t push past the 200 mark in attendance?You ready? They organize, behave, lead and manage like a small organization.

Do you, do we, want to see people come to know the love of Christ and follow Jesus? Yes. It has to be a resounding yes. Then the question becomes, are we willing to live this out no matter what it may cost? Again, the answer has to be yes, right?


Pastor Matt

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