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Do What You Know First

You have likely taken a few tests in your life. Do you like taking tests?  Are you good at taking tests?  You may have likely gathered a few test taking tips throughout your life. I know, if you are out of school now, you likely have tried to forget the idea of tests all together.

However, I was recalling one tip this morning, a tip I think can help in our living even now.

Here is the tip. When you take a test, go and answer all of the questions you know first. You do not want to get stuck on question number five of a one hundred question test only to run out of time to adequately take the rest of the test.

For those of you who did not know that tip, you are welcome.

Here is one question we all too often get stuck on. What is God calling you to do? Throughout scripture there are references to God giving His followers certain gifts to be lived out as part of His overall great plan.

Do you know where you fit in? Some have a great sense of their calling and passion in life. Others have no clue. Probably most of you fit where I tend to find myself, somewhere in between.

What do we do when we do not know?

Carey Nieuwhof is going through a sermon series called “I Can’t Believe In A God Who…” Part 3 of this series is “I Can’t Believe In A God Who Won’t Tell Me His Will For My Life.”

Can you relate to this struggle? You do not feel you know what God has called you to do.

I encourage you to check out Carey’s entire message. However, it comes back around to the test taking tip I mentioned above.

Do what you know. This sounds simple, but it is not. Why? Because the Bible clearly tells us to love, even our enemies. God through the Bible tells us to forgive. God gives us guidance on how to view our money. God tells us how sex is meant for marriage. Should I go on?

Carey in his message does share how at times you need a good group around you to help you discern. The Bible does give a lot of direction, but it is not a “how to” manual. Sometimes you need to work things out with a group of trusted people around you.

Do you know what God is calling you to do? Start with what you know first. We remember the great Bible heroes often times for particular events. Most of their lives though were spent faithfully living out each day, doing what they knew to do.

Seek to be faithful in your steps today, trusting God with your tomorrow.


Pastor Matt

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