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3 Good Blogs for Family, Women and Men

Good stuff can get lost in the sea of information out there. Today is a really quick post highlighting three other blogs. Take some time to check each one out.  Everyone can find something to help you love the people in your life and to better live out your journey of faith.

Families – “Helping Families Love Well”. This is the goal of Mark Merrill and the information you can find on his website His top two posts:

Women – Lysa Terkeurst’s goal is to lead women in the adventure of faith. She seems to do a pretty good job at it. Her most recent blog post, found at, starts off this way:

When I Don’t Get What I WantHave you ever wanted something so badly your heart ached with each thought of it? It seems life would be so much better if you had that.There would be more happiness.More contentment.More fulfillment.More satisfaction.More peace.We can envision ourselves with this thing, this person, this opportunity. And all things are better. So, why doesn’t God give us this longing of our heart?

Men – The mission of All Pro Dad ( is “to help you love and lead your family well. Be a hero to your kids.” The focus is on dad’s but all men can find some helpful information here. He has a whole page with tips on “Balancing Work and Family.” Here is a tough question raised that both mothers and fathers can wrestle with, “Is it your fault your kids act the way they do?”

Hope you enjoy!


Pastor Matt

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