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Welcome to our Resource Page!

You are loved. You matter. God is at work in your life.

How are you spending this time of social distancing? Maybe your catching up on some chores, calling family or friends, or picking up a new hobby. What about your spiritual growth? As lots of churches have turned to live streaming on Sundays, there may not be as many options throughout the week.


This is where our new resource page comes in! As the weeks can be long with the limitations currently in place, we want to bring you encouragement during the week.


From the list below we have put together a couple video series that includes questions for reflection. The videos are summaries from recent sermon series that were held at Barnitz and Mt. Zion churches.


To sign-up for a video series, simply select the series and it will direct you to another screen to enter your email. This will email you a link to give you access to the series.


We encourage you to bookmark this page as new resources will be added.

Thank you for visiting our site and may these resources bring light in the uncertainty we are currently facing. 

Identity Video Series

Approved Video Series

21-Day Devotional

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