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Pastor Matt Plant from Barnitz and Mt. Zion churches
began the first season of Connecting LIVE in March 2020.

Throughout the season we encountered some great conversations with various guests on a wide range of topics.

It is our hope these videos inspire and encourage you!

We would love to hear how these videos may
have helped you as comments can be reflected here.

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Church Leadership

some topics include equipping local churches and pastors

Church and Money

some topics include generosity, success, and economics

Finding God in the Midst of Chaos

some topics include survival from a terrorist attack,
God at work now, and getting back to normal

Loving Like Jesus

some topics include connecting,
serving, and being made on purpose 


some topics include acknowledging our feelings,
and creating meaningful relationships

Struggling with the Bible

some topics include salvation,
Holy Week, the Gospel and hate

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