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One Incredible Way You Too Can Be Like Some NFL Players

A few weeks ago I talked about seeing God more in the midst of our busy lives. You can read the post here. We are all busy. We are likely too busy. If you are like me, you feel like you are doing something “wrong”. However, you have not figured out what it is yet.

(As a side note, make sure you take time to rest. Find your minute here or there. Find your day or hopefully days. It is necessary, and they say you will actually get more done when you take time to rest.)

Even in the midst of our busy lives though, we can still find time for God.

Here is something that I think can help you find time for God each day. It is the YouVersion Bible App. It is a free App that gives you access to hundreds of Bible translations.  You will surely be able to find one that you can best understand.  You can even have it read the Bible to you, if you are uncomfortable with some of the words, as we all are.  You can sign up and follow along for reading plans that go for days or a reading plan that covers a whole year.

On their website and in their App you can find:

  1. Free devotions

  2. Free reading plans

  3. Free resources

  4. Free kid’s version

  5. Free stories and testimonies

You do not have to take my word for it. Check out what some of these NFL players have to say:


Pastor Matt

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