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Connecting People to Christ's Love means we

want you to answer yes to all of those questions.

Here's how we seek to live this out:

We gather each Sunday to remind us
we are loved, we matter, and to
celebrate God at work in our lives.


Please refer below for a complete listing of our worship times and locations,
along with current guidelines in place.

Outdoor Worship Services at
Barnitz and Mt. Zion Churches


 9:00am - Mt. Zion Outdoor Worship

 10:00am - Online Gathering via Google Meet
(link available by contacting the church office)

 11:00am - Barnitz Outdoor Worship

 11:00am - Mt. Zion Outdoor Worship
(led by Marlin Herr)

In the event of inclement weather, the outdoor worship will be cancelled and we will meet online only at 10:00am.

How to contact us?
You may click here to send us an email.


When attending our outdoor worship services,
please adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Face masks are required outdoors when unable to consistently maintain a distance of six feet between families (still required for all inside gatherings)  

  • Practice social distancing of 6 feet between families 

  • Encouraged to bring your own sanitizer and lawn chair

  • Limit entry to the church for restroom use only as absolutely necessary
    (one person at a time)

  • Refrain from handshakes and hugs

  • As a precautionary, in the event of someone getting sick after attending a worship service, we will be keeping a log of who is in attendance for people to be notified in case there becomes a reason to self-quarantine

  • Please be mindful of your church family, if you, or someone in your family are sick or experiencing any symptoms, please stay home

SERVING the community

Mt. Zion and Barnitz Churches hold several events throughout the year to support our mission fund. Through mission work, we connect to schools and other churches to

help people go from surviving to thriving. 


Barnitz and Mt. Zion Churches offer resources from videos to books to help you grow in your journey.  

Image by Alphacolor


We encourage everyone to be part of a group...


It was good to discuss things about our church, have prayer and do things for our community.

I enjoyed the opportunity to share

with a group of Christian friends. Studying and discussing how to

apply the sermon provided the

support to face the challenges we

all experience in our lives every day.

This ministry touches anyone who wants to be part of something bigger and

greater than themselves.

MEET the people

responsible to help

live this out

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